The interior lights dim headache

About 12.5% of the world’s people are suffering from migraine headaches, and migraine has risen to one of the 20 most troubled lives, the WHO’s latest research report points out. The relationship between migraine and the environment is very close. If you often have a headache, you might as well put the room lights dim a little. The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center researchers found that headache and eye optic nerve has a close relationship, the brighter the light head is more painful. Professor Rami Stan, in charge of the study, said that light is like electrodes embedded in the body’s neurons, connecting the pain nerves. When the light is bright, the activity of the pain nerve will be enhanced. After the light goes out, this activity will continue for a period of time, and so on 30 – 20 minutes to disappear. It is suggested that when a headache can will adjust indoor light or dark all out, close your eyes, abdominal breathing, slowly inhale, make abdominal fully drum, then exhaled; spasm, headache is the main inducement; if bad headaches can try to put the hot water bag in the neck, forehead ice, the hot and cold stimulation can help you effectively relieve muscle tension, reduce the pain.

Why should the patients with liver cirrhosis be appropriate for the period?

Why should the patients with liver cirrhosis be appropriate for the period?
Patients with liver cirrhosis in the compensatory phase, can participate in the moderate style of sports activities. If the long-term stay in bed, it is easy to emotional depression, loss of appetite, will reduce the immune function, so as to recover the adverse. Compensatory period ask can take a walk, play taijiquan. In patients with cirrhosis, every day of the bed in the room to walk slowly, but also a good activity.
Why do patients with liver disease have a regular pattern?
The life of patients with hepatitis should follow the rhythm of human body clock, eat, sleep, rest, work and activities, should be a certain rule, develop habits, living in an orderly manner, in the cerebral cortex will form the corresponding conditioned reflex, to ensure that the internal organs in an orderly manner, from the surface to promote the recovery of liver function.

Why do patients with liver disease drugs?

Why do patients with liver disease drugs?
Drug addicts are mainly intravenous drug addicts, by sharing syringes and easy spread of viral hepatitis. The experimental results show that injection of hepatitis B virus (HBV) 7 to tool of blood will occur HBV infection. Syringe sharing not only easy transmission of hepatitis B, or a cause of hepatitis C virus infection. Yunnan Kunming of 441 drug addicts blood tests, hepatitis C antibody (anti -HCV) positive rate was 60.54%. So, the drug addicts are at high risk for HBV and HCV infection.
How to prevent constipation in patients with liver disease?
To prevent constipation, hepatitis patients should try to eat more fiber containing food, eat and wash the raw vegetables, and add enough water. In the intestine is not easy to be absorbed by the fiber material will stimulate the intestinal wall peristalsis and secretion of mucus, promote defecation. In addition to develop the habit of defecate in the morning, in front of the morning to get up with the palm of the hand from the upper to lower abdominal massage 10 times, from the left costal margin, respectively to the left and right lower abdominal massage 10 times, will be very easy defecation.

Why do patients with hepatitis B virus avoid smoking?

The main cause of smoking is tobacco, which contains a large amount of nicotine. As a detoxification organ of the liver, after the invasion of hepatitis B virus, its detoxification function has declined, and the great scene of the accumulation of nicotine in the body and increase the damage to the liver. So smoking is more harmful to patients with liver disease.
In patients with chronic hepatitis B, often in the liver microcirculation impeded, disease lag phenomenon. Nicotine x can impair circulation system, not only can make blood vessel fatigue twin, also make the blood viscosity increases, resulting in poor microcirculation in vivo.
In addition, smoking also makes people’s immunity is greatly reduced, prone to a variety of diseases caused by a cold. For patients with liver disease, also increase the chance of infection complications.

Why do patients with liver disease have a common infection?

Why do patients with liver disease have a common infection?
Hepatitis patients in the course of illness is chronic illness while false body, a variety of viruses, bacteria: pathogenic fungi often seize the opportunity to sneak. So in patients with hepatitis often sense, and with pharyngitis, skin itching, swelling, tracheitis, pneumonia, pleuritis, urinary tract infection, abdominal infection to endotoxin shock and other diseases, so that had been dormant or tend the acne healing disease will once more activity and deterioration. In daily life, so patients with personal hygiene and other aspects have to be more careful. Should be appropriate for physical exercise, the temperature change at any time to change clothes.

How to pay attention to family health in patients with hepatitis B

How to pay attention to family health in patients with hepatitis B?
Hepatitis B virus infection in the community has a family gathering, a family often have several Ag HBs positive members, this is the main baby through the period of close contact and mother to child transmission. For family Ag HBs positive members, should pay attention to personal hygiene, women in particular should pay attention to menstrual health, prevent transmission through blood, but also to pay attention not to let their own saliva or other secretions pollution of the environment, infectious. Utensils, shaving utensils and toiletries to separate from the others, and regular disinfection, available 0.2% of the 84 disinfectant soak for 20 minutes, or boil 30 minutes. The sex life between husband and wife should also pay attention to health.